Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recipe 3: Basic Doggie Popsicles

This is a recipe that I came across years ago. The origin remains unknown, but I began searching for a cold summertime treat for Tiny after she adamantly snubbed the popular brands of dog ice cream (found in most grocery stores or health food markets). This recipe is easy to make and Tiny approved!

Recipe 3: Basic Doggie Popsicles
source: unknown
Tiny tested: Yes - four full paws!
vegetarian: Yes - with nonveg options

*Veggie Bouillon Cube
* favorite small doggie treat or piece of meat (optional)

1) cook vegetable bouillon according to instructions on package and let cool (nonveg option: chicken or beef broth)
2) pour broth into basic ice tray and place in freezer
3) (optional) once cubes are sloshy (slightly firm, half-frozen), place doggie treat or piece of meat in center of each cube
4) Pop ice cube out and let pup enjoy mini-popsicle on a hot day (we're in GA so there are MANY)

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