Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recipe 2 PB BonBons Verdit - Tiny Approved

Recipe #2 Peanut Butter Bonbons are Tiny Approved! Also in favor (should I say ecstacy) are three other chihuahuas (Zooey & Ayden are less than six months) and Jeefus (two years). So, really I should say this recipe received 16 paws up!

I was really happy with the results of this recipe. Of course, it is so relieving to witness first hand what is going into Tiny's food, but I was equally impressed with how quick & easy the the recipe was to prepare. Most exciting, however, was Tiny's reaction. She won't entertain most prepackaged doggie treats (definitely not biscuits!) - not even those from doggie bakeries. In fact, the only treat she constantly responds to are dingo bones. Initially, Tiny vigilently observed my movements in the kitchen (people food- yum!) - then she sampled the bonbon (it appeared to be out of duty) only to find that yes! the peanut butter bonbons may in fact be BETTER than Dingo Bones!

I used small cookie cutters shaped like butterflies, birds, and flowers. Because Tiny is so small, the recipe yields about two months of treats - so I would recommend cutting the recipe in half if the sole recipient is a toy dog.

This was my first attempt at cooking dog biscuits, so I was happy to find that the biscuits don't really expand in the oven (feel free to pile them on). They also serve as inexpensive, adorable gifts!

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